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    The Mother's Day I Dreaded

    The Mother’s Day I Dreaded

    It’s Mother’s Day, 2015. I sit alone in my mom’s house, typing this from her computer. Mom left us just over a week ago. She was 81. I hadn’t had the closest relationship with her most of my life but she was my only surviving parent, since Dad left us in 2004. I attended the […]

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    Bucket List Ride

    Bucket List Ride

    Growing up in Central NY, my family used to sail every weekend at the Otsego Sailing Club (OSC). It was a passion of mine for years, as I became competitive and eventually had a side business making sails and selling racing accessories. Several times, some of the other younger members of the club would ride […]

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    Sports in 2013 - Updates

    Sports in 2013 – Updates

    In my continuing battle to keep at a reasonable weight, stay in shape and enjoy life, the outdoor sports of running, cycling and swimming have taken center stage. After a reasonably successful year of cycling accomplishments in 2012 I decided this would be the year of the Triathlon, and maybe even some running events (half […]

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