2018 to 2019 Review and Goals

This is personal. It’s a note to me for next year at this time. Still here? OK you asked for it …

You’ve been warned. This is about me and my family. It is not intended specifically for public consumption but if you want to follow along … welcome to the story.

I hope this becomes an annual thing and I hope my girls do it too. That’s my daughter Grace on the left after she won her first CX race.

What Were My Goals?
I have copied last years post and let’s see how I did.


Running goals:

I had NONE. Just run when I felt like it.

2018: I entered no organized runs but did do some walk/run stuff with my wife. Perfect!

For 2019: Next year? Same. No goals. I’m retired from distance running


I have to break this in to several parts: Road, Time Trial, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross and Track.


My 2018 goals: I considered entering some road races, as well as crossing Florida for a fifth time. If there is a 5-10-20 contest I will do it again. Our own club did a 5-5-25 version, 5,000 miles, 5,000 feet in a single ride, and 25 club events, rides, races or volunteerism.

2018: Did not enter any road races, missed XFL due to illness, but did complete the #KBS5525 challenge.

For 2019: I want to do XFL one more time. I haven’t done a century in over a year so I need to get on it. Repeat 5-5-25.

Time Trial

My 2018 Goals: Win my age group in the CFL TT series.

2018: Won the 60+ age group, but did it by being in the most races. I was not fast.

For 2019: Not really any goals as far as performance. Just show up, enjoy the races, maybe put on the Airport TT again if we can get permission.

Mountain Bike

My 2018 Goals: Defend the WAR MTB title, maybe enter a few MTB races, and buy a new bike.

2018: Bob Reineke took my title. He decided to enter all of them. I did finish 2nd (whoo pee). On Dec 28th, ordered a new bike (finally!)

For 2019: Well I will have a new bike. Not sure if I have any performance goals. I just want to go out and have fun.


I came in to the year as the defending FLCX points series champion. Many said that I don’t deserve that status, that I am slow, that I am clearly not the best cyclocross racer in Florida. I can understand why they say this but is was a points series and you get points for showing up. I beat 100% of the riders who stayed home on the couch. I also won the WAR overall series, again by showing up more.

I issued a challenge to those who scoffed: “If you don’t like me on this podium then come knock me off. Stop whining and start showing up for races.”

My 2018 goals: Repeat as champion and get faster. Wanted to lose weight to get more speed.

2018: First of all, I didn’t lose the weight. The lowest I got was 238, and that’s not good enough. However, I won the WAR series again. When I went to the podium, Josh Thornton announced “Well he issued you all a challenge and nobody took him up on it. Therefore, the repeat WAR Champion – John Tenney!”

I am currently leading the FLCX series by 34 pts with 3 races to go. Derek Birch is in second. He could conceivably go to all three races, win them all and beat me, so I need to finish at least two races. Shouldn’t be a problem. (Cross season ends in late January by the way.)

For 2019: Hey I like winning these jerseys, so once again I issue the challenge. I’ll be on top of the podium again in 2019, unless you start coming out to more races. So – repeat win for WAR and FLCX. Also – the weight. I am just over 250 lbs right now. Get to 235! DO IT!

Even more important, my daughter Grace is starting to enjoy CX races. I want to support her in all her efforts!


As is told elsewhere in this blog in 2017 I had a unique opportunity to buy a track bike and set a state record, which I did.

To this day, no one had beaten this record.

In 2017 I used this bike to win two Time Trial divisions. In 2018 I used it for my age class.

Wayne Keller got this great picture of me setting a PR on the Airport TT course of 18:27. Best ever on this particular course, and on a fixed gear track bike (Giant Omnium)

2018: My goals were to go to some track races, or at least some track time trials.

2018: I didn’t make it back to the track this year. Still working on a project to get a track here in CFL.

2019: Get that track project going! Go to some track events.


2018 goals: Wanted to see 6-8 franchises, and double our payroll handled again.

2018: We did not add any franchises, although we greatly expanded our agent network. We doubled the payroll, just barely.

For 2019: We need at least 3 more franchises. We need to expand our agency network. We need to double payroll again. The new relationship with Viking Underwriters shows great promise.