High Jackers at Flagler International Airpoprt (KFIN)

I also found out about this place from the Orlando Pilots Facebook group. I originally had a copilot lined up but he cancelled on me at the last minute.

I stopped by Atlantic Aviation (KORL) to do my Mandatory Pre-Flight Procedure (empty the sumps. Still don’t get it? Go to the bathroom) I happened to run in to an old flying buddy of mine, Luis Campos, who is now flying B757/767 for ATI. He was waiting for another friend, Elias Delgado, who is now teaching at SimCom.

Elias, myself and Luis, doing our best to make bad selfie faces.

They went off to do some approaches in a 182, but we promised to all fly somewhere together next week for lunch. Imagine that.

So I took my rental C-172 up to Flagler, dealing with the new airspace. Since Sanford is now a “major” airport (they have one airline – Allegiant), there are all kinds of modifications to the class B airspace. I got flight following and they were nice enough to take me right over the top of KSFB

Orlando Approach and Daytona Approach did an excellent job of keeping me clear of traffic, and there was a lot of traffic. I guess I was encroaching on the Embry-Riddle playground on that route of flight.

I was handed off to the tower controller at Flagler, who gave me great directions to get to the restaurant. “Park anywhere west of the cones, first come first serve. Enjoy your lunch!”


The actual cost ended up being less than $300.

  • Aircraft Rental: 1.2 tach * $89 = $106.80
  • Fuel at Flagler: $19.28
  • Fuel at Atlantic Aviation: $63.81
  • Restaurant bill: $20
  • ——-
  • Total: $209.89
  • ——-
  • Total flight time 1.9

The owner was not there but I did speak with Amaya, the manager’s daughter. “We are known for our seafood and our wraps” she told me, “and on Thursdays we get a big group that comes up from Spruce Creek. Other than that, most of our fly-in business is Embry-Riddle students during the week, and the sport pilots on the weekends. Our business is roughly half fly-in and half local. Our owners also own a few more restaurants in town.”

My lunch, a Greek Grilled Chicken Wrap, was reasonable and tasty. It was delivered quickly along with a hot cup of coffee. The waitstaff was friendly and very helpful. The theme of the place is definitely aviation, although the fully stocked bar indicated the local interest(!)

Not great for August but I bet this outdoor patio is a great place to sit and eat during the cooler months

Make sure you hold short of 9R as you leave the restaurant :)

Taxiing out, there was a lot of traffic in the pattern, and in the area, so I had to wait for a guy doing pattern work. I followed him till the crosswind leg, then climbed out of the pattern and contacted Daytona approach. They were very kind and vectored me all around the extensive flight training traffic in the area.

Orlando approach never actually cleared me in to the Class B, but they vectored me over the top of KSFB on the way home and pretty much let me go direct to KORL.

Great lunch, great flight, great day!

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