John Will Tenney resides in East Orlando with his wife Kathleen and his two children Grace and Sophia. He is a member of the Laid Back Business Builders group.

“Small business is the core of the American Free Enterprise system. My goal in my professional life is to assist small business. Help them start, help them grow, and help them be successful.”

“I don’t like being involved in politics, but in order to get anything done around here you have to deal with politicians. While I will probably never run for any office, I stay involved to keep an eye on them.”

Nothing meant more to me than seeing Kathleen waiting for me at the finish.  I am so thankful for all that she did to support me.

My first marathon in 2013. Nothing meant more to me than seeing Kathleen waiting for me at the finish. I am so thankful for all that she does to support me.

He and his wife Kathleen are the owners or partners of two insurance agencies and a networking training company:
PEO Pros
PEO Sales Training

Brief History

  • Born in Hamilton, NY in 1957.
  • Grew up in New Hartford, NY, a suburb of Utica.
  • Attended New Hartford public schools until 1974
  • Attended 2 years of college preparatory school at Loomis-Chaffee Institute in Windsor, CT
  • Attended Hobart college for 4 years, graduating in 1980 with B.S in Math and a minor in Music
  • Went to work for various software engineering and contracting firms doing DOD contracts including:
  • Par Technology 1980-1981, Measurement Concepts Corporation 1981-1982, John W. Tenney and Associates 1982-1984, General Electric Aerospace Electronic Systems Division 1984-1987
  • Attended DB Smith School of Engineering for 5 years, graduating in 1986 with M.S in Electrical Engineering specialty Solid State and Quantum Physics
  • Adjunct Professor at Utica College of Syracuse University, 1981 through 1986, teaching Computer Science, Solid State Mechanics and Quantum Theory
  • Moved to Orlando, FL in July 1987
  • Martin-Marietta Aerospace 1987-1989
  • Toured the south and the east coast and with “Clutch”, a 50s-60s show band in 1989
  • Officer (highest rank: Captain) of USAF Auxiliary / Civil Air Patrol 1987-2004
  • Civil Air Patrol Group 6 Chief Check Pilot 1991-1996
  • “Commissioned” as an Air Force Liaison Officer (Captain) in 1993, Maxwell AFB
  • Played with “Derek and the Slammers” from 1989 to 1991
  • Played solo as “The Band of One” from 1990 to present
  • Managed Tenney Properties, Inc – real estate development in Sanibel, FL 1991 thru 1995
  • Charter Pilot with Able Aviation 1991-1996
  • Simulator Instructor with SIMCOM 1992-1994
  • Pilot with American Eagle, CCAir, Mesa Airlines, Air Midwest and Midway Airlines from January 1995 through Sept 12, 2001 when Midway shut down due to the terrorist attacks.
  • Served as Chief Pilot / Check Airman for Air Orlando Charter 1998 through 2005
  • Got married in February 2000 to Kathleen Ellen Welch from Metairie, LA.
  • Daughter Grace was born in Feb 2001
  • Started first corporation, Tenncom, Inc, in April 2002 (later sold as a PEO)
  • Began consulting in Workers’ Comp insurance in 2003
  • Founded Mid-Florida Digital IT / Networking company in 2004
  • Founded first insurance agency (The Tenncom Group) in November 2004
  • Licensed as a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent January 2005
  • Founded PEO Pros in January 2005
  • Daughter Sophia born in July 2006
  • Attended and Graduated from Sandler Sales Training 2008-2011
  • Founded Orlando Runners and Riders in 2011
  • Founded The Sean Ashman Foundation (charity) dba Orlando Runners and Riders January 2012
  • Completed first half marathon, sprint triathlon, Olympic duathlon and full marathon 2013
  • Formed EmployerNomics Cycling Team with Orlando Runners and Riders in 2014
  • Merged EmployerNomics Cycling Team with Team Kyle’s Bike Shop in 2015
  • Re-branded as EmployerNomics PEO Brokerage in 2015
  • Became a franchisor in August 2016, selling EmployerNomics franchises nationwide.
  • Founded PEO Sales Training in April 2018, Teaching sales to PEO professionals.