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business trends


Part of success is preparing for changes in the business environment. It’s important to pay close attention to trends. What kind of trends? Some are obvious: Tax laws, government changes, current events, technology advances and media swings are all important, to name but a few. First, a warning to business owners: Trends can be overrated […]

Luck does not exist

“You’re So Lucky”

“You’re So Lucky” Do you hear this when people see something that is part of your life, or someone’s life, that they wish was part of theirs? It’s a common expression but think about it, by saying that to someone what are you saying? I suppose on the surface it says “I wish I had […]

Unemployment and what it really means

What Does the Unemployment Figure Really Mean?

Years ago, unemployment figures were calculated using the number of people that applied for unemployment benefits. Somewhere along the line that process changed.  Those figures are ignored by every government entity I have been able to contact. In fact, everyone I spoke to uses a survey to determine unemployment.  Here is an excerpt from an […]