Sports in 2014 – Updates

JT-space-bike-Jack-FrostOur club has set a goal to “Race to the Moon” in 2014, that is, run, ride and swim a combined total of 240,000 miles. We probably won’t make it, or even come close but it’s fun to do it anyway!

Since I completed most of my lifelong exercise goals in 2013, I don’t have a whole lot left. I have considered completing a half-Ironman, and maybe even a full-Ironman, but I detest open-water swimming so much it probably isn’t going to happen. I’m one of those guys that tries to levitate out of the water every time I think something touched my leg.

I will spend more time on bikes this year, working on road skills, road racing and time trials. (I’ll still run, including at least one half and one full marathon.) I hope to complete the Cross Florida ride on April 6th, a one-day, 168 mile ride from Cocoa Beach to Homosassa Springs. I’d like to finish Six Gap once more, and make it up to one of the climbing centuries in the Carolinas, maybe the Blue Ridge Breakaway. At least once a month I hope to compete in a race where I have a chance of winning something in my age class.

I will be reporting my athletic endeavors on another website –