Summer Time Trial Series

John on the TTThis will be the first of a series of articles about the summer Time Trial series’ that John is taking part in. It will include the Orlando Runners and Riders (ORR) Time Trials, the Eastside Cycling (ESCC) Time Trials and some of the USA Cycling sanctioned (USAC) Orlando Time Trials.

There are numerous divisions. ORR breaks up riders by demonstrated ability into A, B and C categories. The USAC events are similar, having the same three categories but make the decision for the rider. ESCC divides in to two divisions, Road and Open. The Open division includes those with aerodynamic time trial bikes and / or helmets.

John is a B rider in most events but has joined the A’s with the ORR group.

Below is a video from John’s helmet cam at the ESCC monthly Time Trial on June 17th, 2012.

Helmet cam video of July 8th

John after the finish of the July 8th ORR Time Trial