Spruce Creek is a famous fly-in community which has recently relaxed it’s “private fly in” restrictions, as long as you are visiting the Downwind Cafe restaurant. It was made famous by some of its more notorious celebrity tenants such as John Travolta, Ron Rice and even briefly Tom Cruz.

I went to the Spruce Creek website and thankfully called Jim in Security who seemed very grateful for the call. He was quite helpful about how to approach the airport, where to land, where to park, etc. Very nice people.

Spruce Creek is a Private Community. Please get permission before flying in. It’s not hard to do. Their website gives you instructions on flying in, taxiing and parking.

Accompanied by my new student Jennifer, we made our way up there in a Van Anda C-172R. Her first flight and really enjoyed the small plane, flew a little bit and even whooped with delight at a little Zero G demonstration.

She loved every bit of the flight and bumps didn’t bother her at all. A natural!

The Flight

We had to wait for two departures and several arrivals at KORL before being given a right x-wind departure towards 7FL6. KORL is really starting to get busy.

It was a short, smooth flight and Daytona Approach was very helpful. It was not any where near as busy as I had been led to expect. The website talks about flying shows and such but we saw no other planes in the vicinity of the airport, although several were taxiing around the neighborhood.

The flights were basically direct. Orlando and Daytona approach were quite easy to work with.

The Downwind Cafe


The cost ended up being less than $300 as it is such a short flight from KORL

  • Aircraft Rental: 1.1 Hobbs * $155 = $170.50
  • Restaurant bill: Breakfast was about $40 w/$10 tip
  • ——-
  • Total: $220.50
  • ——-
  • Total flight time 1.6

We got there before 11 so breakfast was our option. It was excellent and quite large portions.

The pancake was as big as a golf cart wheel, hence the nickname the server told us “morning golf cart breakfast”.

We didn’t get to speak to a manager but everyone was very friendly, and the service was very quick.

Very nice place, very comfortable and lots of food!

Comfortable and not to pretentious inside. Definitely a slight country with a dash of aviation feel

The clouds on the skylights are a nice touch

Outdoor seating would be popular in the cooler months

Outdoor lounge area for casual drinks after hours

Jennifer found a nice man with a classic car to pose by

Flying Home

Easy flight home from runway 24 – basically straight out. Contacted Daytona Approach at 800 feet and they handed us off to Orlando Approach who brought us in right over KSFB. Very scenic!

This column is created and produced with assistance from the Florida Aviation Network

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