Video FAQ

July-2012-profile-photo-JWTMy company is PEO Pros, which also goes by the name of PAY-surance HR. As owner and lead agent for the company I also am ultimately responsible for the website.

Our website has a contact page for people to ask us questions. Not surprisingly, people use that page to find out not only more about what we do, but also more about our industry in general. We get a lot of questions that surprise us.

Some of them are excellent questions. We decided to try answering questions in video format. We will be adding videos here to answer those where we feel we have a unique or educational answer that is not readily available elsewhere.

Roofer Rick asks: “Why did I get cancelled (or non-renewed)? My insurance claims are normal.”

We have found out that not all agents and agencies are the same. There are definitely right and wrong ways to do things in our business.
“Why shouldn’t I get the cheapest insurance available?”

After hours, we asked John Will “Is there a downside to getting multiple quotes?”