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Equipment List
30 June 2009

Inventory of Equipment:


Peavey Nitro (unmodified)
Takamine ES120BSJ Acoustic/Electric


Kurzweil K1000 (great piano sound)
General Midi MF KB (nice Keyboard but cantankerous)

Sound Modules/Drum Machines:

Kawai K-1R
Yamaha RX-5


Rocktron VooduValve Guitar Processor
Korg ToneWorks Guitar Processor
Digitec IPS-33B (Pitch Harmonizer - very cool toy)


Mackie 1202 VLZ Mixer series (4 mono 4 stereo)
Mackie Powered Speaker 250w

Miscellaneous Stuff

Custom Built laptop - WIndows XP, Win Amp
Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner

Stuff I don't use anymore but is still around:
Shecter Mercury Strat (unmodified, w/Nashville Tuning)
Ibanez Iceman (EMG Pickups, custom electronics, Kahler/Gibson Supertune tremolo)
Peavey Foundation Bass (an awful pink, but basically unmodified)
Yamaha FX-500 Guitar Processor (backup)
2 Sampson Concert Series TD Wireless sets (guitar and headset mike)
Akai C410 Headset Mike w/Transmitter
Kawai Q-80 Sequencer
Korg Bass Pedals
ADA Midi Pedal (for the VooduValve and FX-500)
Peavey DECA 528 Digital Power Amp
2 JBL Centurion 2-way sspeakers
Alesis MicroStuff (a Reverb, Parametric EQ, and 2 Limiters)
Alesis 231 Stereo EQ