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Updated 12 February 2019

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MP3s updated 8 Jan 2006

John Will Tenney - The Band of One.

John Will Tenney has been perfoming a solo act since 1988. With the help of his trusty equipment John manages to sound like a complete band.

The music style is classic rock. John can work with crowds of any size. His philosophy is that if the song isn't at least 10 years old and still popular, it's probably not worth playing. He likes to get the audience involved and has been known to set up a second microphone for the "guest performers."

The Band of One is currently on a "Reunion Tour" after a 12 year hiatus. There was no real reason for the hiatus, just as there is no real reason for the reunion tour. It just is.

John started performing music when he was a teenager. He played in various bands throughout Central New York and moved to Central Florida in 1987. He also has experience in Contemporary Christian music, since 1994. His very first worship leader experience in 1995 was his first time on a church platform with a guitar in his hand, at Abundant Life Church in San Juan, PR. He was only scheduled to play along, but no one else showed up! He was forced in to the WL role and learned very quickly by necessity.

Kathleen, his wife and occasional guest star performer with the Band of One, began as a choir member for various churches and mission trips from her home state of Louisiana. After moving to Orlando in 1996, she met John while volunteering for a wednesday night service (Studio One). They were married and "joined ministries in to One" in February of 2000. They have two daughters, Gracie and Sophia, who will no doubt be singing with them very soon. Currently they "star" at local shows as the Band of One Dancers. Sophia is rapidly becoming known as the "Fan of One."

John, Kathleen, Gracie and Sophia perform at various local venues in the Orlando Area.

The Band of One Setup