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Sample Original Music
Disclaimer: It has been several years since I have entered a studio to record original music. Indeed, the most recent of these songs was recorded in 1991. I have written some songs but just not had the energy to record them. Perhaps someone can suggest a way to inspire me.

You can order a CD for $12 + $5 shipping if you like:

On the CD:
Sparks Fly (John Tenney/Jim Barnes)
Business Lady (Mr. Stiff)
Binary Man (Mr. Stiff)
Layers of Life (2 versions - Mr. Stiff and Band of One)
Lorelei (Circus)
Heart of a Dove (Circus)
I Got You (Circus)
No More Tears (Circus)
What are the Words to La Bamba (XLR8)
Southside Swing (Band of One)
Tommy and Paul stuff (XLR8)
Laundromat Blues (Wazmo Nimrod)

I've broken these in to various time "Eras."

"Era" Description

2004 - Back with the Barnes' Brothers
I'm not really in this band, but since business takes me to Utica quite often now, I take every chance I get to practice and sit in with Elevator. I'm not getting paid but I get free beer and I don't have to carry any equipment!

Jim and Ray have an awesome studio up in Waterville now. Pictures coming soon.
Solo - the Band of One
post 1990
After going on the road with Clutch I came back to Orlando to play bass for Derek and the Slammers and Derek helped me put my solo act together. He has been a great mentor and friend throughout the years. Unfortunately we only collaborated in the studio once, and it was on one of Derek's songs that really wouldn't fit on this website.
Mr. Stiff
Mr. Stiff had been around before with various personnel. We tried to get original keyboard player Chris "Sphinc" Reeder back invovled but he didn't want to compete with me on keyboards. Honestly he had a better gig going downtown anyway.

Robin Lewis started working with Bruce and I at the engineering firm and they talked me in to leaving XLR8 and reforming Mr. Stiff. We added Pete Weller on drums. Pete was formerly with Artizan which had spun of from Saga. You may remember Saga's one hit, "Tonight We're on the Loose."
XLR8 (Florida)
This was our "fifteen minutes of fame" as we hit it big with the La Bamba parody. Oddly, it was probably the most mismatched talent of any band I've been in. When Jeff Terraglio joined us I felt like we finally had another "rocker" in the band.
Circus was a big production, big hair, big sizzle, glam band. We started out as the opening act for local heroes, Mere Mortals and then went on to our own venues. Our biggest gig was in the city park where Roger Wilco and the Radio Waves opened for us!
Utica, NY York 1978-1987 From 1978 to 1987 I was in:
Rampage, Thunderbird, Ground Zero, Night Train, Drivin' Ivan, Infinity, Insanity, XLR8, and finally Circus.